So, what is wedding painting?

Wedding painting is a form of entertainment at the wedding as well as a way to capture your perfect day in a timeless way! I live-painted at this wedding in Nashville, as the festivities were happening.

Not only was this an amazing treasure for the bride and groom, but the guests loved watching the painting as well.  I even had a helper! Shout out to the sweet little girl who kept handing me my paints! 

 This pictures are from a wedding I painted in Nashville. I arrived a few hours early, set up, and captured the romantic ambiance of the sun setting behind the trees of their family-owned nursery.  With the scene set, I was able to paint the couple's first dance in real time!  Now every time they look at this special piece of art, they will be transported back to that first moment as husband and wife.  

Before and after...

Let me capture your day with my paintbrush...

Paintings capture moments in a way that videos and pictures cannot do justice to.  A painting is a piece of fine art, one that can evoke the sights, scenes, and feel of your special day.   
In addition to gorgeous photos/videos, consider having an artist at the reception, painting a scene from the festivities.  Having a wedding painter is also an amazing entertainment your guests will be sure to remember. 


interested in giving this service as a wedding gift? know someone who needs a wedding painter? lets chat!